Finding Calmness in Chaos

By October 15, 2019blog posts

If you have a desire to have a high impact in your global community, then you should be able to look back and study what made others, before you, successful. What books did they read, courses did they study, beliefs did they hold, actions did they take?

If you were to emulate the things they did to be successful, you would achieve the same results over a period of time. If, over time, this does not occur, it is likely because there is something different in what you were doing – some vital piece of information that is missing.

There are three action exercises, which you can put in place immediately, to help you get more of what you want:

  1. Determine the Cause and Effect relationships in the areas in which you want improvement or success. Identify the specific things you will need to do in order to get the results that you desire. In this aspect having a thorough proper understanding of yourself and how you work as a person and a good knowledge of your belief systems will go a long way in assisting you to properly understand and use cause and effect.
  2. Take action! Make the decision to focus on, and do, the things that other successful people have done in those areas. Half the battle is taking action. It is your ability to actually begin that will set you apart from the majority of the population.
  3. If you take action and do the things that others have done, you will eventually get the desired results. Rome was not built in a day and it has taken you a lifetime to get into the position in which you now find yourself. Everything takes time, so if it doesn’t seem to be working immediately, don’t give up! Stay focused, analyse your causes to ensure you are doing the right things; tweak your approach if necessary – you will get the desired results!

There is no mystery – everything is available to all of us. We only need only be aware of, understand and live in accordance with the universe because there is this idea of providence – that the universe will look after you.  One of the problems with that notion – not that it is either true or false is that it does not always work out the way we want it to.

If you are anxious – no matter how good your external world is – your internal world is still chaos. The opposite of providence is believing that there is no version of calmness and that everything is going to be OK.

There is another position to think about – what if everything is not OK and you are OK with that.  Maybe that is true providence – the idea that you do not have to have a perfect situation – you can function with chaos and still enjoy it.

Through all the adversities and difficulties you can still find peace in the storm of life.


Kevin T. Cahill is an award winning sales professional and consultant specializing in the art of managing change and achieving great results. As the founder of The Change Revolution, this international best selling author and speaker inspires men and women alike. As someone who has mastered the art of resilience and hope, Kevin’s philosophy as a clarity builder is strategic and results driven. Kevin’s passion is to equip individuals and organizations with a renewed sense of clarity and excitement, knowing that positive change will bring about positive gains. His exciting creation The Change Revolution offers a winning blueprint for navigating through change and achieving success.

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