The Change Revolution

Four book box set

No one wants to change. Change is hard. But change is the only constant, and today the rate of change is faster than ever.  There is power in realizing that change can be initiated at any time, and nothing needs to be wrong in order to actualize change.

To surf on top of the tsunami of change, rather than get crushed by it, your mindset is your most critical asset. Every system of life is circumambulating these four questions which are built into the human experience:

1.                   How do we face change?
2.                   How do we move through suffering?
3.                   How do we accept joy?
4.                   How do we mature and serve?


Sometimes you Take a Trip

How do we face change?

Every culture through history – someone is always asking this question.  It is the foundational question as life moves – it is not static – so how are you going to move with it.

What many think are end moments – the truth is they are actually beginnings – this is how it starts over. The darkness is where we start – it is not where we end.


Change Your Focus

How do we move through suffering?

Once you take the risk to change you are in the heat, the battle, the combat and conflict with your own emotions and thoughts – you are going to face is obstacles – it is inevitable – it is part of the process.

In order to move through suffering grieving is necessary – the full range of the human experience.  Anger, doubt, fear, insecurity.

You do not get through suffering by platitudes or cutting off or trying to make nice.


Change Your Life

How do we accept joy?

On the other side of suffering is the aha moment or the epiphany where the lights come on and you say to yourself “there is the beautiful world out there that I didn’t even know existed.”

You may have been broken open but your light is now shining allowing you to see things that you never saw before.

Yes it lead us to be broken open but what we thought was so horrible is actually producing something good.


Sometimes the Trip Takes You

How do we mature and serve?

It is one thing to discover joy out of the suffering – the most essential question is how do you live that life?
Because just knowing that there is this bigger life out there still doesn’t prepare you to live it.

To live life is a process of trial and error.

Once you reach this stage you know that there is a bigger purpose for you – that you have a role to play in this greater existence of life – you have a compulsion to give back, to contribute, to serve, to love.


Gaining Clarity:

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

What do a comedian, a dog, a princess and 28 other individuals have in common? They are all giants who have inspired others to aim higher and dream larger. Gaining Clarity contains 30 profiles of individuals who share their stories illuminating the heroes in their lives who have inspired them to see further and think bigger. This book will highlight that one person, one moment in the time has the ability to change the course of history forever. You can cut open an apple and count the number of seeds but you can never count the number of apples produced from those seeds.


Dreaming BIG Being BOLD:

Inspiring Stories from Trailblazers, Visionaries and Change Makers

A collection of engaging stories written by incredible entrepreneurs and professionals who are making an impact. Featuring 26 co-authors, every book is full of inspiring stories from people who have shown courage, innovation and have big dreams to impact the world in their own unique way.


The Change Revolution:

Offered as a Team/Group Experience

The Change Revolution Workshop is an interactive experience sharing Kevin’s proven methodology for growing teams, overcoming challenges and creating positive change.


The Change Revolution:

Offered as Individual Coaching

Individual coaching experience for individuals wanting to make inspired and lasting positive change. Requires a 4 month commitment with biweekly one hour coaching calls working the system and achieving smart outcomes.


Change Your Focus. Change Your Life.

Change Your Focus. Change Your Life is a 91 day program delivered to your inbox daily chock full of insights, motivation and smart ways to inspire lasting change.