Reflecting in the Glow of The Full Moon

By October 5, 2017blog posts

Right now – 2:40pm eastern October 5th – officially the full moon.

For anyone else that feels the effects of the moons energy – you like me will rejoice as it starts to wane.

The impact of the full moon on headaches, while not properly or thoroughly researched, is something I personally believe in. I have certainly noticed that the full moon brings an increase in severity of my headaches and have heard from others who share the similar experience.

There are several reasons for why full moons result in a rise in headaches.

One that I subscribe to is that the full moon has an impact on serotonin levels, a chemical in our bodies that regulates mood, among other things. Its imbalance could be the cause for the wide ranging reports from emergency rooms during full moons regarding the increase of incidences involving migraines, alcoholism, epilepsy, car accidents, anxiety, depression, and homicides.

And with 70-80% of the human body being composed of water, it has also been proposed that if the gravitational force of the moon is sufficient enough to cause the oceans to rise, it may also affect our bodies.

When the headaches spikes like it has over the past few days I reflect on the fall of 2013.

I didn’t know what had happened to me. I didn’t know who I was. I couldn’t control my emotions, or my mind. I was terrified.

As four years have passed – it has been a slow climb for me and I’m still not in the place I was pre-concussion. In fact, I may never be.  And that is OK.

The whole experience has seen me mourn the loss of my old, reliable brain. That brain could spell well, write quickly, and edit with confidence. It could also prioritize emotions, sometimes to my detriment when I’d swallow down anger instead of expressing it.

Meditation, reading and different online tools are helping me but it’s an incredibly long road to “normal.” What I’ve lost in quickness, however, I’ve gained in depth.

The experience has been a lesson in empathy and patience. The person I’ve had to learn to be the most patient and understanding with is the one I was always hardest on – me. I’ve also had to re-examine personal relationships, identify unhealthy patterns, and try to change them.

Before my last concussion, I didn’t think much of them. You hit your head, it hurts, then it heals like any other bruise, and life goes on. But heads contain brains, and brains are fragile, fascinating things.

Professional athletes know this all too well. Depression and suicide among football and hockey players who have suffered concussions is increasingly prevalent. Sidney Crosby has been out for a good chunk of his professional career thanks to the concussions he’s endured. He called those concussions “worse than a broken jaw,” which he’s also had, and says, “concussions are tough to deal with because you can’t do anything about it — nobody can tell you when it’s done.”

I might never get back to where I was, but I’m not sitting idle. I’m more aware of my emotions now, and freer about letting them out. Anger is something I work with, instead of hide from, and meditation is an integral part of my life. My relationships with have improved because I have improved.

I still have a headache every day and some days, like today, are worse than others.  I’ve worked really hard to bounce back from that hit, but it’s far from over.

Like life, it’s an ongoing cycle and your work is never fully done.

You just have to keep on living.


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