As I study “The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel leading up to my 40th birthday – I invite you to follow along with me:


Part 14 – Study Questions with Answers

What is the source of all Wisdom, Power and Intelligence?

The Universal Mind.

Where do all motion, light, heat and color have their origin?

In the Universal Energy, which is one manifestation of the Universal Mind.

Where does the creative power of thought originate?

In the Universal Mind.

What is thought?

Mind in motion.

How is the Universal differentiated in form?

The individual is the means by which the Universal produces the various combinations which result in formation of phenomena.

How is this accomplished?

The power of the individual to think is his ability to act upon the Universal and bring it into manifestation.

What is the first form which the Universal takes so far as we know?

Electrons, which fill all space.

Where do all things have their origin?

In mind.

What is the result of a change of thought?

A change in conditions.

What is the result of a harmonious mental attitude?

Harmonious conditions in life.


Thought, immaterial though it may be, is the matrix that shapes the issues of life. The mind has been active in all fields during this fruitful century, but it is to science we must look for the thoughts that have shaped all thinking.


Charles Francis Haanel (May 22, 1866 – November 27, 1949) was an American author, philosopher, a businessman and a freemason. Haanel’s book The Master Key System was published in 1912, when he was 46 years old and is public domain.


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